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This blog is where we strive to inform and educate on what Body Nouveaux Spa offers, new things we're doing or discovering, and give you all an insight to what we are all about!



Ashley Pavlish

Lash Extensions: So tiny yet so impactful. 


As a Lash client,  any service that includes an hour long nap is worth incorporating into your life right?

No matter how bold or how minimal the lash look is, one thing is for certain, they REALLY DO make the difference.  Many of our guests find that they like the way their eyes look with just extensions and opt out of putting on more makeup! 

If you have been searching for a product that thickens and lengthens your natural eyelashes, we have the answer for you with this popular service: semi-permanent eyelash extensions! These are single strands of synthetic or mink lashes that can be either curved or straightened to replicate your natural eyelash. One by one, these extensions will be applied to your natural lash to create a beautiful, elegant look that you will love!

This procedure offers you a weightless, natural-looking eyelash that can be customized to your specific color, length, and desired thickness. Your new lashes will be resistant to:

  • Tears

  • Sweat

  • Water

  • Sleep

You will be able to toss your eyelash curler and mascara in the trash and wake up with beautiful, sophisticated lashes morning after morning!

Are you ready to get longer, thicker curlier lashes Lincoln?  Book your appointment today!


Body Nouveaux Spa brings Dry Tattooing/ Scar Camouflage to Lincoln, NE

Ashley Pavlish

Dry tattooing/ scar camouflage is an exciting alternative treatment that works directly on damaged skin, relaxing and smoothing scars, also reducing stretch marks.  Essentially this treatment brings new life into damaged skin and by using a digital tattoo machine this can be done in a very quick and precise way.  When pigment is used, flesh tone colors are the options.   


What scars can be treated:

- C-Section scars









  - Stretch marks                          

-Acne Scars

- Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery scars on face and body, (breast augmentations, tummy or face tucks)

- Other surgery, trauma or accident scars

- Self-harm scars

- Burns

The entire basis for this type of Tattooing technique, is to glide the needle groupings across the very surface of the skin to add a light dispersion of flesh tone color to camouflage the blemish. Tattooing done properly also NEVER uses dry needles.   If no pigment coverage is required, a base vegetable glycine serum, which is the base mixing ingredient for most all commercially produced Tattoo colors used in body-art, permanent cosmetic pigments, and Microblading pigments is used).   So this technique is doing the exact same process that body artists do while shading, just leaving out one possibly allergenic element.

Dry tattooing is not a new service to the market, it was actually invented by tattoo artists over 30 years ago.  At Body Nouveaux Spa, I've decided to call this treatment Dry Tattooing/ Scar Camouflage.  Its a term more easily understood (or let's be honest google searching haha!) by the public  to whom I am aiming my service at.  Dry tattooing; because of flesh tone coloring used, distinguishes the treatment from other micro needling, skin needling treatments such as the derma roller or Derma Pen. I am very excited to bring this to Lincoln, Nebraska.   

So why is it called "dry" if the technique doesn't use dry needles you ask????  I agree it can be a little confusing.   I've learned the industry uses many names or terms when describing a technique.  What is important is what or how is it actually being done, what it is called is just a "name".     But one way I look at it, I see it this way...  because this is a tattoo shading process (which is explained a little more in a bit)  I will not be making this big elaborate artistic picture on the skin (which normally society instantly thinks "tattoo")  I am more so trying to camouflage the unwanted scar so I am trying to make it look as if nothing was done to the area, not leaving a mark.  My goal is to give the ILLUSION that the area is "dry" or back to normal (or as much as we can get it).   So the term "Dry Tattooing" make sense to me.

Dry tattooing works on the specific areas of affected skin only i.e. each stretch mark or only the scar.  Areas that are not affected are not treated. 

Dry Tattooing/Scar Camouflage is a much more gentile process than standard Body-Art, but still very much the same by process.  A byproduct of tattooing over any tissue that has generated elastin due to a scar, is that the elastin fibers spread and the tattoo process stimulates new, normal skin cells that naturally normalize the skin surface texture. This simple process, no different than light body-art shading (the least aggressive technique used in tattooing) changes the lives of clients such as a burn victim who may not want body art all over the burned area such as the face.

Dry Tattooing/ Scar Correction can be used on all colors of skin, with only dark skins prone to over pigmentation. Your scar must be at least 1 years old.  For clients who are prone to develop keloid scarring are advised not to go forward with this type of treatment.  20-50% improvement can be seen in just ONE SESSION, with a course of 3 treatments recommended for optimum results.  This is very exciting to me as so many people think they have to just live with their scars. This can provide miraculous results that will rebuild their confidence in their appearance.  

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Meet Ashley


I have been providing Lincoln with our famous Slender Body Wraps since 2001. When my clients come to see me for a series of wraps, I help them lose inches (often pant sizes), plus look and FEEL great in and out of their clothes. My wraps are great ways to get them ready for a special event (wedding or vacation); or even better- they schedule their wraps along with their weight-loss program to help achieve their goals even faster!  

Why am I now offering Scar Camouflage?

     During all these years, so many of my clients would have disfiguring scars or stretch marks (which are also a 'scar')  that made them feel very self conscious, and I wanted to see how I could help them with this as well!  I just felt it was the perfect addition to the services i already offer.   I'm excited to provide this technique to our clients!  Book your consultation for your scar or stretch mark correction treatment today!



Give back when you purchase Image Skincare with us!

Ashley Pavlish


One thing that I love to be able to do is GIVE BACK!  Our fabulous clients allow us to do what we love and why not give back when we can!  WELL this month you can help too!  When you purchase @imageskincare during the month of February, we will give back 14% of our sales at the end of the month read for more details below:

Don't forget, help us -SHARE LOVE! 💕 
We are giving away 14% of our product sales to 2 charities, but we need YOUR HELP! Go home and check your bathroom counter. Are you almost out of your favorite night creme, or maybe you've been meaning to add retinol to your anti-aging routine. Might as well stock up now and know you are also making a difference! 

Now many of our clients know I Ashley, have a son who was born with 3 different heart defects. He went through a heart surgery at 17 days old. He will be one of the honorees at the Lincoln’s Heart Ball put on by the American Heart Association - Nebraskanext month. We plan to be taking our check with us the night of the ball. 

We also held a little contest at the beginning of the month and the other charity nominated by one of our clients is the Child Advocacy Center. WE will also make a donation to them from our sales this month.

So make your orders this month and 14% of our sales will be going to these charities! PLUS anyone who purchases IMAGE Skincare will be added to our drawing for some GIVE LOVE makeup bags + a lip complex because HEY you are the 'BALM' for helping us give back! Multiple winners!