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This blog is where we strive to inform and educate on what Body Nouveaux Spa offers, new things we're doing or discovering, and give you all an insight to what we are all about!



Ashley Pavlish

"Annnd LIFT   ..1,2,3 wait what?"  

We aren't a gym, we are a day spa. Your time at the spa is your time to not even lift a finger.     Well now the only LIFTING you can do is...of your lashes!



Ditch the lash curler and mascara and with just one 35 minute professional treatment, you'll have a lavish Lash Lift.

Elleebana Lash Lift technicians use a technique combining a lifting lotion and silicone rods to lift your natural eyelashes, making them look longer and fuller. Lash lift is a fantastic alternative to eyelash extensions and there's virtually no aftercare required! Just wake up and get going with your beautiful lashes. 

What to expect from an Elleebana Lash Lift: 
Makes natural eyelashes appear longer without the use of eyelash extensions. 
Lashes stay lifted for 6-8 weeks

No damage to your natural eyelashes
Faster application saving you time
Swim, shower and play with no fuss! No aftercare. 
Suitable for short and long eyelashes
While getting your Lash Lift don't forget to liven your new look with a lash Tint!!

Lift and Tint at your next appointment!  Book yours today!





Body Nouveaux Spa now carrying YANA™, A Collagen Supplement- Promoting Beauty from Within

Ashley Pavlish

Collagen supplements may be a big trend right now, but they are not new – they have been around for a long time. As of recently though, they’ve increased tremendously in popularity, and people are seeing better results because technology has greatly improved the quality.

      Here is another reason why we love Image Skincare so much, they are always on top of their game and they now carry YANA™, a liquid collagen shot.   Liquid collagen is much more absorbable – which in turn means it works faster. YANA's research is showing 63% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and 100% improvement in hydration.  Results are being seen in as little as 30 days!  YANA also contains peptides, biotin, vitamins C and B6 in a blend of hyaluronic acid, green tea and organic pomegranate fruit extract. This is not just for the skin on your face, this is for our skin on our entire body! Results are being seen in the skin's elasticity & firmness as well!  

 Other collagen supplements on the market have been known to have a fishy taste,  YANA™  tastes delicious, It reminds me of ‘Tang,’  and our clients have been excited to drink it!  Stop on by and check it out!  Make sure to also follow us on Facebook and IG as we will start posting our own before and after pictures!  

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1600 Normandy Ct Suite #106 Lincoln, NE 68512

Are you taking your daily liquid collagen shot?

Are you taking your daily liquid collagen shot?

New Body Wrap added to our day spa menu

Ashley Pavlish

The Dream Body Wrap

The Dream Body Mineral (lay-down) Body Wrap was created for very stressed, tired or for those who feel they are going to come down with something. Unlike all the previous wraps the Patron lays on a massage type table and is snugly tucked into a mineral saturated hypo-allergenic blanket. The arms are wrapped separately to allow free movement. It has the advantage that, in the prone position, your Wrap Technician can also use mineral solution saturated pads on the eyes to reduce the appearance of 'bags' or dark circles around the eyes. We not only used the DSWT for this wrap formula but included a new technology that uses gravity and the Coriolis effect to give maximum results. Many Patrons on wrap packages will request one of the Dream Body wraps occasionally, rather than their usual stand up wrap, when they are not feeling their best or just need a totally relaxing and rejuvenating experience.