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This blog is where we strive to inform and educate on what Body Nouveaux Spa offers, new things we're doing or discovering, and give you all an insight to what we are all about!


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Lincoln's exclusive provider of the Suddenly Slender Body Wraps:

Ashley Pavlish

Now it's Mom's turn!


OK, you got the kids outfitted with new clothes and bought their school supplies. You've been a good mom and ignored yourself for how long? A month, two months? More?  Now it's your turn to take care of YOU! And best of all with the kids in school, you now have time to do this.

When was the last time you really took care of yourself or did something just for you? When was your last wrap? Remember, while it's your job to take care of your family it's also your job to take care of yourself. It's no one else's job, just yours. Wouldn't you like to go into the holidays looking great and even more important, feeling great, sleeping soundly, tight bodied and trim? That would be wonderful, right?!   All you have to do to make that a reality is pick up the phone, call your favorite Wrap Technician, (me, Ashley) and get started. 

Remember when you come in for your appointments at Body Nouveaux Spa,  make sure to wear in your tightest jeans and keep wearing them in for each wrap until they get too loose to wear. Then go have fun buying a new skinny pair!

You have a lot of choices, chose our basic slender tone wrap, OR amp it up a bit and upgrade to our anti-aging or body lift wraps. Your choice. You will lose inches with any of these, and who doesn't want to look and feel younger? Who doesn't want to relax and get the aging stress off their face and body? So which one would you like to give a try?  You don't have to choose just one, you know, try alternating them. PLUS, right now we are running some great specials on our packages.  Our 5 wrap package earns you one of our upgraded wraps for FREE!    

 Do you work with your kids and help them make goals, why not make some goals for yourself?  What size clothes would you like to wear, what weight are you happiest at? How old are you content to appear? You can roll back the clock like so many others have. Why do you think the movie stars get wrapped before any of their award shows? They want to not only look good, but these wraps make them feel amazing!  It's no secret the stars do it, and ALL my current body wrap clients come in for the same reasons!   We all want to look and feel better!   

So pick up the phone and let's get you started to a more slender you!  I can't wait to see you in!  402.476.7855  or check out more information at

Let's do this, I'm ready to wrap you up! :)