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Slender Body Wraps

If you are on a weightloss program, diet, or just want to look and feel better, our mineral Body Wraps will help jump-start your plan and motivate you to stay focused, suceed, and live a healthier lifestyle. Whatever your goal may be, from wanting to look and feel better for a special occasion, to targeting specific problem areas, the Suddenly Slender Body Wrap System will help you achieve your goals. You will see and feel results after your very first wrap!

Body Nouveaux Spa is your ONLY Lincoln provider of the Suddenly Slender Body Wraps!

 Please read up below on our process and do not hesitate to ask if you have anymore questions.  Thank you for your interest in our wraps! I look forward in meeting you soon!  

We are proud to be the ONLY Day Spa in Lincoln to offer the original, exclusive, guaranteed inch loss body wrap since 1999!

Come get wrapped up with me!  ~Ashley

Come get wrapped up with me!  ~Ashley

The body wrap by Body Nouveaux Spa is guaranteed to help lose 6 to 10inches from the body in the very first visit. Often copied by other companies over the years, our body wraps stand above the rest due to the quality of our minerals. Plus, our proprietary technology, used in our wrap concentrates, is not available anywhere else. 

The body wrap works by detoxifying the body.  A Licensed Technician starts by wrapping the body from head-to-toe in ace bandages that are soaked in highly  concentrated mineral solution. Minerals are the building block of the body. The process of  hydrating the body with minerals helps the body to flush out toxins that are caused by consuming too much salt, sugar, carbohydrate and alcohol. Detoxification process assists the body to lose inches. The slimming body wrap at Body Nouveaux Spa takes less then 90 minutes.  


Bring a change of undergarments to change into afterwards. 

Ladies - can wear bikini or cotton fabric underwear. 
Gentlemen - it's best to wear boxer briefs, no regular boxers please. 
Do not apply lotion on skin right before appointment, deodorant is fine. 

Eat something light before your appointment.  Similar to something you would eat before your workout.  
Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water before appointment. (This is due to the detoxification process of the wrap) 

 Read below to find out the difference between the four body wraps. 

SlenderTone Mineral Body Wrap (90 minutes)      - $105             (This is an active wrap)
The SlenderTone mineral body wrap was developed over 30 years ago to help in the detoxification of the body. By detoxifying the body you can experience inch loss, the hydration of minerals can assist in skin tightening. The SlenderTone mineral body is safe, natural, body detoxification process. The human body is made up of minerals the more you hydrate the body with minerals, the better the body is able to detoxify itself and in turn lose inches. 

Body Lift Body Wrap (90 minutes) - $135  (This is an active wrap)
The Body Lift wrap concentrate has been developed for those who need maximum skin tightening, its a combination of mineral plus collagen.   It also gives a very obvious energy boost and leaves the skin silky soft.  The BodyLift Wrap is perfect for those who have lost weight, or who has loose skin because of age, pregnancy or weight loss. The Body Lift Body Wrap helps to firm tighten the appearance of loose skin.

Flat Tummy Body Wrap (90 Minutes)- $160  (This is an active wrap)
Correct your lifestyle habits to achieve your dream figure, and Body Nouveaux gives you a helping hand with our NEW Flat Tummy Mineral Body Wrap. Many of us consume lots of refined sugar in the form of desserts, candy and even juices. Our bodies cannot handle the excess sugar intake and it gets deposited in our midsection as excess fat.  Our Suddenly Slender Flat Tummy Mineral Body Wrap helps your body metabolize sugar more efficiently, by converting it into a source of energy.  After the wrap, you’ll experience a tauter midriff and have more energy for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Fat Burner Body Wrap (LIPASE)  (2 hours)- $235 (This is a 2 part active wrap)
Suddenly Slender's Fat Burner wrap is the most popular body wrap, because it provides the most detoxification and inch loss.  This wrap is designed to target "hard fat/resistant fat areas" such as hips and thighs. During this wrap you are wrapped with ace bandages soaked in an enzyme that helps to break down fat (lipo) and mineral solutions which help to remove toxins. 

For best results, a series of 5-10 wraps is recommended.  

One to two times a week.

We, at Body Nouveaux , are not doctors, nor is our wrap a medical treatment, BUT we do deal heavily in mineral-deficiency correction with our wraps. So getting covered in mineral saturated bandages and replacing minerals is beneficial in rejuvenate the body.

We, at Body Nouveaux , are not doctors, nor is our wrap a medical treatment, BUT we do deal heavily in mineral-deficiency correction with our wraps. So getting covered in mineral saturated bandages and replacing minerals is beneficial in rejuvenate the body.

Did you know that the human body is made up of minerals? 
That means its really important to always take a good mineral supplement. This will help the body to detoxify (whenever you detox the body you lose inches and weight) and also helps to keep the skin nice and tight and young! Minerals are not vitamins. 

We welcome you try Body Nouveaux Spa, licensed provider of the exclusive inch loss and detox body wraps, where you can lose inches and detoxify the body naturally! Body Nouveaux in Lincoln, NE has been offering their exclusive slimming inch loss body wraps for over 17 years! 

(***Please be aware that with any Suddenly Slender inch loss body wrap program, individual results may vary.)

We always recommend that our clients maintain a healthy diet, while going through our body wrap program, a diet that is low in carbohydrate and high in protein.