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Well hello there, Beautiful!

Planning a wedding can be stressful!

 Need some pampering before the 'Big Day?' 
We can help you! 
We have MANY service options to choose from, below are some packages we put together for our brides-to-be!  When booking your appointment; please mention


Our Smooth Bridal Package:  Brow Wax , Under Arm & Brazilian Wax   $80    ($5 Savings )
Be New...Be YOU Package:  Brazilian Wax, Slender Body Wrap, Spray Tan   $165     ( $20 Savings )
Slender Bride Package:  5 SlenderTone Body wraps:  $400         ( $125 Savings )
$25 OFF our O2 LIFT!   (Normally $100)  Check out Video below! 
Book a Manicure & Pedicure the week of your wedding and receive 15% OFF

 A bride who did a 5 wrap package before her big day!

A bride who did a 5 wrap package before her big day!

Bride + Body Wrap

Check-out what this bride-to-be had to say:

"Ashley at Body Nouveaux spa was amazing! The entire spa is beautiful, relaxing and extremely inviting when you walk in. You’re greeted by smiling faces at the beautiful appointment desk and are offered a beverage right away. As far as the wrap goes, it was truly a lot of fun! Ashley made the entire process light hearted, funny, and honestly an all-around good time! She wrapped me up like a mummy then helped me “penguin walk” (basically waddle) over to the elliptical to begin my hour of “feet shuffling” (as I was wrapped up nice and tight, there wasn’t much for actual walking haha.) She set me up with my favorite show on Netflix and allowed me to just binge watch for an hour as I did my feet shuffling. She came in every 20 minutes to re-baste me with new (and warm) mineral solution. Then it was right back to feet shuffling and binge watching Netflix. As soon as the wrap was finished and she unwrapped me, I felt a huge sense of relaxation and peace. I also found that my leggings were loose on me (my leggings!!!) I couldn’t believe after just one hour-long session I felt so relaxed and could visibly see the effects right away. She warned me that I may be worn out from the process, and boy was she right! I slept wonderfully last night and woke up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. My skin is seriously glowing today and feels so soft. I absolutely loved my experience at Body Nouveaux! I will definitely be coming back for future wraps and bringing my girlfriends along too. I am so excited to get in my beautiful dress TOMORROW and have a little more wiggle room in it, in which I can make up by eating more food and cake. I can’t believe the big day is almost here and I am ready to take my freshly wrapped self onto the dance floor to celebrate!"