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Lincoln's Choice Awards: Honorable Mention for Spray Tanning

Please note, NOT ALL service providers accept  Body Nouveaux Spa Gift Certificates or coupons.   When calling to make your appointment, please make sure to let our booking staff know and they will book you accordingly.  If you are booking online, please make a note in the comments  about your coupon or gift certificate you will be redeeming, and we will make adjustments with your service provider if needed!  Thank you for your cooperation!  


     We give our customers and clients a NEW WAY to think about Tanning. Get your "NEW SPRAY TAN ON" with Tan Nouveaux!

We want to provide our clients with a natural option to all skin care services. We know how important the connection is from looking your best to feeling your best. 

Our superior spray tanning solution uses organic ingredients. Get your glow on.

Not only is it important to be sprayed with great solution, and by a trained technician.  The care of your skin is just as important!  PLEASE READ BELOW:



*Shower, Shave, Exfoliate

*Do not apply body or face moisturizer

*Schedule your workouts & hair/spa treatments (including nails) prior to tanning

*Wear loose fitting, dark clothing for afterwards



*Remain dry for 10-12 hours

*Air dry as much as you can, or lightly pat

*Take short, warm showers using mild soap; shave with a light touch

*Apply perfume to clothes and hair, avoiding skin contact

*Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!








Spray Tan Session: $30