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We are proud users of NuFree Wax!

We do require anyone 17 or younger to have a Parent or Guardian come into the spa and sign our Minor Consent form. 

Hair needs to be at least 1/4 of an inch long. We strongly suggest no more or no less. Normally about a week and half since your last shave! This allows for the wax to adhere to the hair the best. If the hairs are too short, it means we can’t always successfully remove all the hair via the wax, and we then need to tweeze! Not the answer for a quick pain-free waxing experience, don't you think?

      The same applies to having the hair too long.  If it is longer then 1/4 of an inch we strongly suggest trimming before you come in.  If the hair is too long it's going to become a matted, painful mess.  Trust us, follow these suggestions and it will make your waxing experience a little more "bare"...  we mean bearable. 
 The morning before your appointment, take a lukewarm shower. The heat will open up your pores, allowing the root of the hair to be removed easier. We also say, use a loofah in the area to help exfoliate and slough off any dead skin.
 Don't wear tight clothing after your wax appointment. Also we advise you to not apply perfumed creams after a wax. This can result in skin infection and can damage your hair follicles for an uncomfortable skin irritation. Ask us about our favorite aftercare product, Finipil.

                 Oh and also, here is a little secret.. Keep your waxing appointment on a 4-6 week  schedule,  it will make a world of a difference!

Eyebrow      $15 (with hour facial $10)

Full Face      $35 (include brow for $10)

Lip, Chin                   $10 each

Nose                         $12
Underarm                 $20
1/2 Arm                     $25

Full Arm                    $40

Full Back or Chest   $50

Back & Chest           $90

Stomach                   $10

1/2 Leg                      $40

Full Leg                     $70


Bikini  $30             French   $40              Brazilian   $50