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After treatment, the area will look very red and some areas, such as stretch marks will have some swelling. For the first 4 days it should be covered and it’s recommended to not exercise. The redness will start fading as the days go by and skin goes through the healing process.

How long before I see any results ?

About 3 weeks after a treatment as new collagen starts to form. It’ll continue to develop over the coming weeks and months.

How many treatments and how long between ?

Three treatments are recommended, the second session 4 to 6 weeks after the first, the third 6 weeks later.  After the three treatments I suggest waiting at least 3 months before deciding if any more treatments are needed.

How long does the effect last ?

For scars, burns and stretch marks results are permanent.  New smoother skin will not revert, however the natural ageing process will not be stopped.