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What happens during my Scar Camouflage treatment

Firstly we’ll have either a phone or  e-mail  consultation where you’ll send pictures of the area/s to be treated and provide the information requested. Once the treatment is booked you have to make sure you won’t drink any alcohol the day prior and the same day of the session.


During the session the area to be treated will be reassessed, pictures will be taken and a file with information will be filled for future references.

The area will be marked and numb with a topical cream.

The right needle configuration  and pigment color will be chosen for the type of scar to be treated.

During treatment you might feel a slight discomfort but not pain.

Once the area is finished, it’ll be covered with micropore tape to protect it.

Q. When will I see the final result?

A. The final result will be revealed after 7-10 days of healing.  You will return in 4-6 weeks for a follow-up visit to determine if the color tone and depth are satisfactory.  It is typical to need some small areas of “touch up” at this visit to perfect the results. Scar camouflage is tricky and should be done in increments to ensure a natural blend.  Think of the pixels in a digital photo. Pixels are dots of color that when added together create a picture that the eye sees as a solid. The same is true when doing successful scar camouflage. A dotted or pixilated technique creates a visual impression of blended color that makes the scar “disappear”.  Too solid of a color implantation will just create a scar of a different color.  It is important to be conservative when adding color to a scar, therefore several procedures may be necessary to ensure a natural result.   Package deals are available!